Concept Design & Market Research

The Concept stage is used not only to define a products unique selling point, but also to define its aesthetics and functionality.


Research ensures your product makes an impact into its relevant market

Product Engineering

Is the first stage to bring a concept into reality. We focus on aesthetics, functionality, manufacturing process and production costs.


All these factors will help make your product a success.

Product Visualization

Product Visuals are great for bringing a product to life before prototyping and are fantastic for product launches and market feedback.


Our in house 3d Printers and CNC facilities allow us to test products before production.


Prototypes are key for testing functionality and offering focus groups a tangible product critique before full manufacturing commences.

Patents and IP 

We specialize in IP protection for your ideas with extensive experience in all things IP.


From Trademarks, to design and Utility Patents, we offer the support you need to protect your idea.


Your design is finished, but you’re not sure how or where to manufacture your product. We can help you.


We are fully compliant with all international standards and have passed audits from retailers all over the world.


Your branding needs to stand out, it will compete with

many similar products. This is why it needs careful

consideration on how it is branded.


We create full 360 media content around each individual product, photography, video and social media awareness.


This goes hand in hand with our SEO optimization creating  Google AdWords, Facebook Ad Manager so your product is seen by the right people.

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